School Events


New this year, a Welcome Back Family Scavenger Hunt will take place on Tuesday, September 2 at 3:00pm. All families are invited to participate. Your child’s completed Emergency Form is your “ticket ” to this fun, informative event. At 3pm, take your Emergency Form to your Child’s Classroom and receive your Scavenger Hunt Clues and your free TMS T-shirt from your child’s teacher. From there, follow the clues and collect a token from each clue you discover. At the end of the Hunt, check in at the Parent/Conference Room for your final token.


Parents of toddlers are invited to meet with the Toddler Guides to learn about the Toddler program, receive the Toddler Class Handbook and have questions answered before the start of the school year. (Adults only.)


In September, classroom guides share information with parents about classroom routines and school “nuts and bolts”. Parents sign up for conferences and receive school materials. (Adults only.)

Fall Social

Gather at TMS for food and drinks, and take a look at what’s new in the building. For new and returning parents, Board of Trustee members, faculty and staff. (Adults only.)

fall festival

In October, families come together for an afternoon of food, fun and fall activities for children. The event is free but there will be some things available for purchase. Volunteers are needed to help with food and drinks, set up and clean up, crafts and the bake sale.

Journey & Discovery

In autumn, TMS offers a Montessori experience to parents. Attendance is a requirement for all parents new to our community. It is also offered to returning parents as a refresher course on our Montessori environment. (Adults only.)

picture day

Every year, a professional photographer comes to photograph each member of the student body. Information is sent home regarding photo package choices and are returned to school with the family’s choice and payment prior to Picture Day. Siblings have the option of being photographed together. Volunteers are needed for this event.

Book Fair

The Book Fair is held at Barnes & Noble on a Friday after school in December. Parents are encouraged to attend the performances by Elementary children and guest readers. Purchases at Barnes & Noble go to benefit the TMS Library. School families invited.

glObal celebration

In light of the international community represented at TMS, an evening to celebrate our diversity through food and entertainment is held at TMS. Families are encouraged to dress in their national styles. Volunteers are encouraged to help with this event. See our growing Food & Family Cookbook, which is based off this event!

reading buddy night

Children gather with their parents for an evening of pizza and reading! Join the fun!

family community service day

The Buildings & Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees organizes a family service project related to the school building or grounds. Projects are planned to include parents and their children. Adults have an opportunity to model participation in community service to TMS children and build pride in the school and neighboring community. Past projects have included clearing and wood-chipping trails in the Pine Run Nature Center, weeding and planting flower beds, and renewing sandboxes and play areas. Volunteers are needed for this event.

Special persons’ days

Three specific days are set aside each year for the purpose of inviting grandparents, aunts or uncles and other special friends to visit their Children’s House, Lower Elementary or Upper Elementary grandchildren (or nieces or nephews) at TMS. Our adult guests are invited to be in the classrooms at TMS, meet Guides and learn more about the Montessori method.


The Upper Elementary students provide entertainment for the whole family in the spring. Other Elementary performances by are held informally throughout the year in response to the curriculum.

spring social & auction

Our Spring Social & Auction will be held April 18, 2015 — a social and auction all in one affordable evening! Don’t miss this opportunity to bid on great auction items and benefit TMS at the same time. Good food and complimentary drinks. Lots of changes are in-store!

Bingo night

Ever-popular with the children, Bingo Night is an evening of bingo, food, raffles and prizes. Come on out! Volunteers are needed for this event.


All families are invited for a picnic outdoors. Students and families have an opportunity to celebrate yet another great school year! Volunteers are needed for this event.


Also known as “Field” or Color Days, these two days are for the benefit of TMS students. The first Color Day is for Toddler and Children’s House students who enjoy fun, age-appropriate activities. The second Color Day is filled with activities to challenge Elementary students in using teamwork and problem-solving skills. Volunteers are needed.


The Board of Trustees, faculty/staff, school families and guests of sixth graders attend a ceremony that marks the culmination of the sixth grade experience at TMS. The Kevin Wallace and Arnold Frank Zeleznik Citizenship awards are also presented.